The story of Valpico begins on the cosmopolitan island of Mallorca, a Mediterranean island located off the coast of Spain. We’re Kevin and Billy, two brothers that have spent countless summers on this beautiful island. When there on vacation in June of 2018 with our family, we rented a picturesque stone-built villa on the outskirts of the city. That’s when we started talking about combining our passion for watches with our love for Mallorca.

Following that trip, we started designing a watch collection that would have a unique twist; each watch model would be designed and named after a place on Mallorca that was special to us. This is why you’ll see that all of our watch models have unique design features that are supposed to reflect the place it was named after. Three years following that 2018 trip and a lot of trial and error, we launched Valpico. We hope you will enjoy the products that we have to offer.