These terms and conditions apply to your purchases from Valpico.com and your use of the website Valpico.com. By using this website and making purchases from it, you have agreed to these terms and conditions. 


Doublemind Group AB is owner of Valpico (Org. No: 559203-0349). If you wish to get in touch with us, please send an email to hello@valpico.com and we will get back to you shortly. Doublemind Group AB will hereinafter be refereed to as Valpico.


When we have received your order, we will send you an order conformation  to the e-mail address you entered when placing the order. Please enter a correct e-mail address and one that you can access to avoid any complications. We will also send you an electronic receipt to the same e-mail which is a confirmation of your purchase. We recommend that you save this e-mail in case you might be in need of help from our customer service department in the future. The receipt serves as a proof of purchase. If there's an error with the receipt, send a message to hello@valpico.com.


When you’ve placed an order, we aim to dispatch the order within 24 business hours of verification. This timeframe may wary depending on the workload in our warehouse and/or by other factors such as holidays. When your order has been shipped, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and tracking number. If there’s been more than two business days since you placed your order and you have not received a tracking number, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. If the order is to be delivered to an area where our carriers cannot deliver, we reserve the right to use an alternative carrier or cancel the order. Valpico is not responsible for any losses or damages made after your order has been dispatched. Furthermore, it’s the customer’s responsibility to monitor the tracking information provided, and should a problem arise with the delivery, you should contact the carrier used. If an item is lost, we will help you to the best of our abilities. Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide a replacement or a refund until the item(s) have been returned to our warehouse in the same condition as it was in when sent. Please note that orders placed during the weekend will be shipped on the following business day. If you have further questions about shipping, please contact us by sending a message to hello@valpico.com or visit this page: www.valpico.com/shipping-and-returns


The customer is responsible for the costs when returning item(s) to Valpico. If the order is delayed in such a way that the customer no longer wish to fulfill the order, it is the customer’s responsibility to correctly cancel the order. If the order has been dispatched before cancelling the order, the customer is required to receive the order. Cancellation is not valid until the customer has contacted Valpico and confirmed that the order has been cancelled. If the item(s) are not available or out of stock, Valpico has the right to cancel the order and refund the paid amount to the customer. If the item's resell value has been reduced due to issues with the item(s), we reserve the right to deduct the sum corresponding to the item's reduction in value. 


If you have a promo code, you have to enter it during the checkout process for it to be valid. Attempting to add a promo code after your purchase will not be possible.


The prices shown on the Valpico website all include VAT (in accordance with the applicable legislation.) If an order ships to a delivery address located outside the EU, the VAT will automatically be removed at checkout. Please note that if an order is shipped to a delivery address located outside the EU, you may be subject do various import duties and taxes, which are collected when the shipment reaches your delivery address. You will be responsible to pay such import duties and taxes. Valpico has no control over these fees and therefore, we cannot predict their amount. We recommend that you reach out to your local customs office for more information.


Valpico has the right to change prices and correct incorrect prices on orders. If a price is incorrect, Valpico reserves the right to cancel the purchase and refund the full amount to the customer. Customers have the right to return the order within 14 days from receiving the order. This right only applies if the item(s) and packaging is returned in the same, new condition as it was when received. If the customer wants to send their item(s) back, the customer has to contact Valpico first in order to receive a correct shipping address. Return shipping is paid by the customer. If the item(s) are damaged during transportation, Valpico should be contacted within 7 days to receive information about compensation. 


Our watches and batteries have a two-year international warranty from the date of purchase. This warranty covers problems related to manufacturing issues. Please note that the warranty will not cover damage caused by abnormal use, lack of care, water damage, negligence, accidents, dents, scratching, color changes/alterations to the dial and/or metal, dial fade from exposure to the sun or other sources, incorrect use of the watch or wear and tear damages. This warranty does not cover leather bands or the watch box. In the case of warranty/service claims, the customer is responsible for providing correct order information and documents. If the item was purchased through a third party, the customer is responsible for providing correct documents that display proof of purchase. To have your item(s) replaced under this warranty, please send an e-mail to hello@valpico.com. In the e-mail, specify your full name, address, order number, a detailed description of the issue, as well as one or more images of the defect item. In the subject line, please write ’reclaim of purchase.’

Kindly note that in the following cases, repair/replacements will be charged, even during the warranty term:

  • Esthetic changes that have occurred due to normal wear and tear/aging. This include minor scratches on the glass and/or case/peeling of the plating. The same thing applies for the watch straps where alteration to the original color and/or softening of the material may have occurred.
  • Battery replacement will be charged even during the warranty term.
  • Damage caused by improper use like dents and knocks.
  • Damage caused by unjustifiable modification to the item(s).
  • Damage caused by water/fire/natural disaster.
  • If the warranty is not submitted with the item(s).

This warranty states that the customer can receive a free replacement if the damaged item(s) are in accordance with the specified terms.


Our leather and suede items are covered by a one-year manufacturing warranty from the date of purchase. Please note that the warranty will not cover damage caused by abnormal use, lack of care, water damage, color changes, negligence, accidents, incorrect use of the band, misuse resulting in problems with stitching or wear and tear damages. Please note that suede items are very sensitive and will have a shorter lifespan than leather. Natural fading, worn edges and softening of materials is to be expected, and is only the result of normal use.


Valpico has the right to adjust prices without notice, as well as change product information and pictures. The product information and pictures are made to reflect the product as much as possible. However, we reserve the right for any errors that may have been made. Furthermore, because monitors and devices display colors differently, we can not guarantee that all images accurately reflect the real appearance of the item(s).


Valpico is not responsible for errors that may occur due to delivery delays, economic harm, incompatibility or data loss.


Hereby, Doublemind Group AB declares compliance of our products to the applicable Council Directives of the European Union, including the RoHS 2 Directive 2011/65/EU, general product safety directive 2001/95/EG and directive 2012/19/EU on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). Doublemind Group AB and its products follow the safety and environmental guidelines set forth by the European Union. Our watches contain small components and therefore we recommend that you keep it away from small children to prevent possible accidents.


The battery is in accordance with EU directive 2006/66/EC and 2013/56/EU. The battery meets the environmental regulations in People's Republic of China on battery products.


To remove the battery, use a small screwdriver to move the clip which holds the battery. Carefully insert the tip of the screwdriver into the small hole on the clip and move it slightly. The battery will then pop out of position. We do not recommend that you remove the battery yourself. Take help from a trained professional to remove the battery. Dispose in accordance with applicable federal, state and local regulations.


Silver oxide battery is considered a "dry cell" battery and not subject to hazardous materials (dangerous goods) regulations for the purpose of transportation by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), the International Civil Organization (ICAO), the International Air Transport Association (IATA) or the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and also is not classified as dangerous under the current edition of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (IATA DGR 60th Edition) Special Provision A123 and all applicable carrier and governmental regulations.


Valpico is not liable for events that interfere with our operations that are beyond our control such as sabotage, poor transport, war, restrictions, weather conditions, flood, labor disturbance, fire or lack of delivery from suppliers.


Doublemind Group AB is the sole owner of the watch design used in Valpico’s watches. Other companies/brands/people are strictly prohibited from copying/stealing/using/producing and/or selling the same or closely similar watch design.


Material published on the Valpico website and its links, such as trademarks and copyright, are owned by Doublemind Group AB. Any use of the site or its content, including copying or storing content, is strictly prohibited without the permission from Doublemind Group AB. All material in the Valpico press kit is owned by Valpico and Valpico has the right to, at any time, have you remove that material from your site, should you have used it. The aerial drone footage of Mallorca seen on the Valpico homepage is owned by Stefan Zimmermann: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lmbW6elpxQ


Valpico may display user generated content on the Valpico website from social media websites. Valpico does not claim ownership over this content and do not take any legal responsibility for it. If you suspect there has been a violation of copyright or other rights, please contact our customer service department.


All products remain the property of Valpico until full payment has been received.


Any attempts at fraud will immediately be reported to the authorities. Valpico has the right to cancel any order where suspicion of fraud arises.


The terms of use used on the Valpico website are governed by Swedish law. Swedish courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to resolve any disputes arising from the terms of use used on this website.


Valpico may revise and update these terms of use from time to time. When you have placed an order from Valpico, the terms of use used at the date of purchase are the ones that apply to the contract between you and Valpico. The terms of use were last updated on 11-02-2020.